Gold Medalists and National Champions



Silver Medalists


Bronze Medalists


Team Taya had a wonderful weekend at the Gold Coast and has delivered a medal haul of 8 Golds, 3 Silvers, 3 Bronzes from our 14 young athletes. 

This was achieved through hard work, dedication, focus, team camaraderie, intensive training, competition experience, guidance from our passionate coaches and support from the parents.

A fantastic and consistent result matching last year’s performance!!! Congratulations Team Taya!

Thank you to the coaches for your passion in bringing the best out of the athletes and to the parents for your unwavering support and encouragement.

Well done everyone!!!

Notable performances were from our consistent National Champions Sofia Querubin, Aaditya Kadam, Shreyas Gurelli winning in dominant gap or near gap scores and Ethan De Guzman for winning all 4 fights to win Gold at his first Nationals. Medal tally as follows:


Sofia Querubin 

Aaditya Kadam

Shreyas Gurelli

Jade MacGowan

Evangeline De Guzman

Ethan De Guzman

Ayaan Shetty

Joshua Tollens


Ysabella Querubin 

Chelsea Gomez

Shirin Kattukaran 


Saachi Sharma 

Alec MacGowan

Saanvi and Saachi Sharma - Family Poomsae


Aarav Kadam 


Diego Querubin 






It was a resounding success achieved by Team Taya Athletes at the NSW State Championship and Selections Event for the upcoming Nationals with total medal tally of 20 from our 17 young athletes with 18 from sparring and 2 from poomsae - 14 Golds, 4 Silvers, 2 Bronzes. 15 have qualified and will be contesting the Nationals at the Gold Coast from 6-8 September 2019.

Notable performances were our double Gold Medallist Chelsea Gomez, Sofia Querubin, Shreyas Gurelli, Evangeline De Guzman and Jade MacGowan who have won their fights in a dominant fashion with gap scores or stopping the match early in first/second rounds. Not in team photo - Evangeline, Ethan and Shirin, shown with their own photos. Thank you to our dedicated coaches for bringing the best out of the athletes and supportive parents for your encouragement.


Our cadet and junior developing elite athletes have travelled to compete at the 2019 World Taekwondo Oceania Presidents Cup held at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre last 27 June 2019 bringing home 2, Golds and 1 Bronze medals. Their results are:

Sofia Querubin (cadet under 41 kg) won all three matches to win Gold

- 1st preliminary fight winning score of 22-6 vs VIC opponent

- 2nd semi finals fight winning score of 13-1 vs WA opponent

- 3rd finals fight winning massively with a gap score of 21-0 vs current national team member from QLD stopping match in second round!


Aaditya Kadam (Junior under 48 kg) won Gold vs QLD opponent with massive gap score of 45-12.


Ysabella Querubin (Junior under 46 kg) fought Japan and settled for Bronze in a close match with score of 6-8.


Congratulations and well done Team Taya!



Our cadet and junior athletes fought at Australian Open straight after the Oceania President Cup bringing home 1 Gold, 1 Silver 1 Bronze medals and a massive learning experience to help improve their court management, defensive tactics and game strategies to assist with their preparations for the Korea competition tour as part of Taya Taekwondo's Training and Development Program where they will compete at the Korea Open in Chuncheon and Kimunyong Cup International Open from 2-18 July 2019.

Sofia Querubin - continued on her winning form with nearly massive gap scores in all three fights and coming home with a Gold Medal and crowned Australian Open Champion

1st Preliminary match vs same QLD opponent with score of 18-5

2nd Semi finals match vs VIC opponent with gap score of 29-8

3rd Finals match vs Vietnam opponent with massive gap score of 34-10! An exceptional performance showing maturity beyond her years.

Aaditya Kadam - fought in closely contested match vs Hong Kong national team member settling for Silver with score of 19-25. Aaditya dug deep to even scores in next second and third rounds after first round result 0-9 and just lost in last 10 seconds of the match and will need to work on his defensive tactics.

Ysabella Querubin - fought hard and settled for Bronze against same Japanese opponent with score of 2-10 and will need to work on accuracy and technical strategies.



Team Taya travelled to Canberra and competed at the 2019 ACT Cool Climate Classic Championships held at the Australian Institute of Sport on 20-21 July 2019 where they brought home a total of 23 medals - 14 Golds, 5 Silvers and 4 Bronzes all in sparring events. It was a good preparation for the upcoming NSW State Championships on 4 August 2019 which will be the state selection event for the Australian National Championships in September.

Notable performances were from our triple Gold Medallist Jade Macgowan who won all her blue, red and black belt divisions and our double Gold Medallists Diego Querubin, Evangeline De Guzman, Joshua Tollens and Lachlan Macgowan who fought two divisions a part of their development and transition program into the next rank. Also fantastic win for Shreyas Gurelli who won vs his senior opponent with a massive gap score of 45-14 to win Gold. Congratulations and well done Team Taya! Thank you to our dedicated coaches for all your hard work and parents and black belts for your support and assistance.

Alec/Jade/Lachlan Macgowan, Joshua Tollens and Ayaan missing in team photo, see separate photos.