Specific training programs are catered to suit the degree of , age and maturity of each member. At TAYA TAEKWONDO (Taekwondo Academy for Young Athletes), we aim to provide a solid foundation in basic movements as a first step in learning Taekwondo in all its spectrum.

Each training session begins with a proper warm up and conditioning exercises and ends with cool down and relaxation of mind and body through a quick meditation or team shoulder-back message at the end of each session.



Preparatory class for young children ages 4 to 7 years old, scope will be:

  • Introduction to basic taekwondo program in a fun, learning environment specific for this age group
  • Participation in various physical activities and drills with greater supervision
  • Improvement of motor skills, coordination and concentration essential for early academic involvement
  • Teaching of basic life and social skills for better communication and interaction with others
  • Assist with transition in class and adapt to grading curriculum and challenges ahead


White Belt to Yellow Belt, scope will be:

  • Teaching of basic taekwondo movements in stances, kicks, blocks, punches and strikes
  • Introduction to taekwondo / Korean terminologies
  • Poomsae training for Yellow Belt from Taegeuk 1 (Il Jang) to Taegeuk 2 (Ee Jang)
  • Introduction to sparring for White Belt an remove fear of physical contact
  • Improvement of basic sparring techniques for Yellow Belt
  • Improvement of physical balance, coordination, flexibility
  • Introduction to tenets of taekwondo for character development


Blue Belt to Red Belt, scope will be:

  • Improvement of basic taekwondo movements learned as a beginner
  • Introduction of advanced kicks and movements
  • Familiarisation with taekwondo / Korean terminologies
  • Poomsae training for Blue Belt from Taegeuk 3 (Sam Jang), Taegeuk 4 (Sah Jang) to Taegeuk 5 (Oh Jang) including review of all previous poomsae levels
  • Poomsae Training for Red Belt from Taegeuk 6 (Yuk Jang), Taegeuk 7 (Chil Jang) to Taegeuk 8 (Pal Jang) including review of all previous poomsae levels
  • Improvement in sparring skills, agility and endurance and development of new techniques
  • Building of character, patience and perseverance as they undergo new challenges in each level
  • Training on leadership and mentoring attributes


Black Belt, scope will be:

  • Mastery in demonstration of basic movements, advanced techniques and superior sparring skills
  • Practice of leadership and mentoring skills by providing assistance in classes, grading tests and clinics
  • Possess a deeper understanding of Taekwondo as an Olympic Sport, as a form of Martial Arts and as a General Fitness Activity
  • Poomsae Training for Black Belt from Koryo, Keumgang, Taebaek and Pyeongwon including review of all previous Taegeuk poomsae levels
  • Introduction to Coaching, Referee and Poomsae Judge Training and Accreditation
  • Training towards becoming an Assistant Junior Instructor or a member of the Leadership Team


Specialised training for developing taekwondo athletes (by invitation only), scope will be:

  • Conditioning of body and mind in preparation for local, interclub, state, national and overseas competitions, training camps, seminars and other events
  • Mastery of footwork, advanced techniques, offensive and defensive sparring strategies, accuracy, power, speed, timing, distance and recovery through endless sparring, drills and repetitions
  • Thorough understanding of court management and competition rules
  • Development of mental strength and confidence
  • Building teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Injury prevention and pain management
  • Invitation to local, interclub, state, national and international competitions, training camps / cross training sessions / seminars and other events