Taya Taekwondo have achieved strong results at the first Unified NSW State Championships bringing home total of 17 Golds, 5 Silvers, 4 Bronze medals. Tournament was held at the Sydney Olympic Park Netball Central last Sunday, 10 April 2016. Summary of results are as follows:

Diego Querubin                        Gold-sparring

Arjun Bhandari                         Gold and Silver-sparring in two divisions

Arnav Kamboj                          Gold-sparring

Brynley Llewellyn-Roux           Silver-sparring (not in photo)

Saachi Sharma                        Silver-sparring

Chelsea Gomez                       Two Golds-sparring in two divisions, Gold-individual poomsae, Gold-team poomsae

Sofia Querubin                        Two Golds-sparring in two divisions, Gold-individual poomsae, Gold-team poomsae

Kiara Fleming                          Two Golds-sparring in two divisions

Ysabella Querubin                   Gold and Silver-sparring in two divisions, Bronze-individual poomsae, Gold-team poomsae

Aaditya Kadam                        Gold-sparring, Silver-pair poomsae

Kartikay Rana                          Gold-sparring, Silver-pair poomsae

Connor Fleming                       Two Golds-sparring in two divisions

Alexandra Mercado                  Bronze-individual (poomsae (not in photo)

Kyan Gonzales                         Bronze-sparring     

Excellent results for Team Taya and a great start for a busy 2016 ahead! Congratulations and well done to all our athletes! We are very proud and happy with your performances. Thank you to all our coaches, parents and families for all your support and cheers!