Our cadet and junior athletes fought at Australian Open straight after the Oceania President Cup bringing home 1 Gold, 1 Silver 1 Bronze medals and a massive learning experience to help improve their court management, defensive tactics and game strategies to assist with their preparations for the Korea competition tour as part of Taya Taekwondo's Training and Development Program where they will compete at the Korea Open in Chuncheon and Kimunyong Cup International Open from 2-18 July 2019.

Sofia Querubin - continued on her winning form with nearly massive gap scores in all three fights and coming home with a Gold Medal and crowned Australian Open Champion

1st Preliminary match vs same QLD opponent with score of 18-5

2nd Semi finals match vs VIC opponent with gap score of 29-8

3rd Finals match vs Vietnam opponent with massive gap score of 34-10! An exceptional performance showing maturity beyond her years.

Aaditya Kadam - fought in closely contested match vs Hong Kong national team member settling for Silver with score of 19-25. Aaditya dug deep to even scores in next second and third rounds after first round result 0-9 and just lost in last 10 seconds of the match and will need to work on his defensive tactics.

Ysabella Querubin - fought hard and settled for Bronze against same Japanese opponent with score of 2-10 and will need to work on accuracy and technical strategies.