Team Taya travelled to Canberra and competed at the 2019 ACT Cool Climate Classic Championships held at the Australian Institute of Sport on 20-21 July 2019 where they brought home a total of 23 medals - 14 Golds, 5 Silvers and 4 Bronzes all in sparring events. It was a good preparation for the upcoming NSW State Championships on 4 August 2019 which will be the state selection event for the Australian National Championships in September.

Notable performances were from our triple Gold Medallist Jade Macgowan who won all her blue, red and black belt divisions and our double Gold Medallists Diego Querubin, Evangeline De Guzman, Joshua Tollens and Lachlan Macgowan who fought two divisions a part of their development and transition program into the next rank. Also fantastic win for Shreyas Gurelli who won vs his senior opponent with a massive gap score of 45-14 to win Gold. Congratulations and well done Team Taya! Thank you to our dedicated coaches for all your hard work and parents and black belts for your support and assistance.

Alec/Jade/Lachlan Macgowan, Joshua Tollens and Ayaan missing in team photo, see separate photos.

Medal tally from ACT CCC as follows:


Jade Macgowan                             3 Golds

Diego Querubin                             2 Golds

Evangeline De Guzman                   2 Golds

Joshua Tollens                               2 Golds

Lachlan Macgowan                         2 Golds

Shreyas Gurelli                             

Aarav Kadam

Ayaan Shetty


Chelsea Gomez                              2 Silvers

Ethan De Guzman

Lachlan Macgowan

Premal Jani


Alec Macgowan                               2 Bronzes 

Aarav Kadam

Ayaan Shetty